Thirukaarthigai Deepam Dec 2Ø19 Appeal

Annadhanam APPEAL  

With the blessings of “Annadhana Mentor” Sri La Sri. Idiyaapa Siddha Easar”, His Divine disciple  “Sri-La-Sri R.V.Venkatarama Swamigal” has been doing the divine service of Annadhanam (distribution of food) for 40+ years now at the Holy place of Thiru Annamalai (around 200 kms. away from Chennai) Tamil Nadu, India during all the monthly Full moon days (Pournami) and the yearly Thirukaarthigai Deepam festival.

This year, Thirukaarthigai Deepa Mahotsava festival is from 2nd December 2Ø19 till the 12th December 2Ø19.

Last year, with your patronage and blessings of  Arunachalam – we have taken up serving large size Muruku(handmade 9 rounds)’   and big size Laddu, and delicious meals  to  school children, followed by  3 days of  continuous  food  distribution to lakhs of  devotees visiting Thiru Annamalai for Karthigai Deepam festival.This year the plan is to cover about 6500+ school children, including orphanages with differently abled children and other places of worship.


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Our History

Our NGO is suited at the girivalam path of the Holy Hill of Thiruannamalai, for almost a decade. Initially the NGO founded by Sri-La-Sri R.V.Venkataraman swamigal started off at all places in and around Thiruannamalai and has been doing charitable activities from the past 45 years. Run by a nonprofit charitable trust, NGO has its hands spreading through different sections of the society with families and families of members. Our Vathyar believed that he along with his disciples could solve problems of mankind rising from the issues of basic eminities like food water clothing medicine and education. Hence he concentrated on these and built and NGO that would do its best to work on providing these to the needy. Our NGO has been playing a key role in bring up and spreading the message of Pournami Annadhanam and Karthigai Deepam Anadhanam. And Girivalam. The NGO feeds the neighbouring villages in and aounrd of Thiruannamalai and also schools and colleges catering to nutritious food and other necessary amenities of school children.

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Our Learnings

is was one other day in Thiruannamalai where our Vaathiyar was fully geared as usual to clear the doubts of his disciples.
vathiyarSri Vathiyar : OM. Hope everyone had the lunch.
Adiyar: Yes Vaathyar.
Sri Vaathyar: Then why the hesitation! Start your normal questioning session. Kali yuga’s men are more intellect in asking questions rather than solving or doing anything properly. (Everyone Laugh)
Adiyar: Don’t you get angry when people keep asking you for questions and they hardly follow the same.
vathiyarSri Vaathyar: (Smiles) Ok! Tell me one good reason for why we need to get angry?
Adiyar: Say in other places for example a school a teacher is appointed to teach the students and to make them understand the concepts


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About our Guru and his work

It is because of our Vathyar, that we are standing today. Every moment he was with us it was divine like. His humble words reverberated like the gong that bet softness even in the heart of a warrior who had raised his sword but slightly lowered due to the sweetness and divinity in our vathyar’s voice. He is none other than“Sri-La-Sri R.V.Venkataraman Swamigal… An ardent disciple of Sri-La-Sri Iddayappa esa Siddhar. His language was simple. He taught us Brahmic science in the simplest of forms…
So what was this Brahma Sutra that we Learnt from Him ???
Service to mankind/and every Living Creature (Big and Small) --- simple isn’t it!!

Our Sathguru was born on 21 May 1947 in a small area called Royapettah at South Madras(now chennai) and spent most of his time in Royapuram Angaali Amman Temple.His Star was Rohini and Rasi was Rishabam(Taurus).



Temple Traveller

Introduction: ThiruvAnnamalair or Arunachaleshwarar is the Biggest Physical Shiva Linga Found on Earth... Where else could find one. The very linga that helps crores of people to solve their life problems. Yes thiruannamaliar is no ordinary god. Crores of people throung to this little town of thiruannamalai to circumambulate(Girivalam) the hill and obtain his blessings.
There is also a famous saying that says " Only if he wills you can reach Thiruannamalai" meaning it is tough to grace the feet of the Lord Arunachaleshwarar and only by his will this can happen.