This was one other day in Thiruannamalai where our Vaathiyar was fully geared as usual to clear the doubts of his disciples.
vathiyarSri Vathiyar : OM. Hope everyone had the lunch.
adiyarAdiyar: Yes Vaathyar.
Sri Vaathyar: Then why the hesitation! Start your normal questioning session. Kali yuga’s men are more intellect in asking questions rather than solving or doing anything properly. (Everyone Laugh)
Adiyar: Don’t you get angry when people keep asking you for questions and they hardly follow the same.
vathiyarSri Vaathyar: (Smiles) Ok! Tell me one good reason for why we need to get angry?
Adiyar: Say in other places for example a school a teacher is appointed to teach the students and to make them understand the concepts. Even there when the student questions the teacher, the teacher takes patience to explain the concepts once or twice. May be depending on the teacher he could have the patience to repeat his explanation for the student for maximum 5 or 6 times. But say if the student is not in a position to grasp the point even then all he gets back in return is the frustrated teacher. When reality is this, how are you able to answer all our questions, howsoever inconsequential/trivial it could be without any anger?
vathiyarSri Vaathyar: Hmm. So you think I am answering the same question (Laughs). Understand. We never repeat any topics at any time. It’s our duty to tell you things. We are not bothered if you are consciously listening to them or not. But remember, your duty will be to understand whatever we said and to inform others also about the same without any selfishness. For this too God is very kind-hearted. He gives a chance where even if you forget the topics in time of need, we (Gurus in common) are asked to give you reminder. But the twist here is that you need to understand that it’s a reminder. (Everyone laughs)
Adiyar: This is ok. But still not each of us is highly capable to understand all that you say. Worst! We even forget that a topic was discussed. Won’t you feel irritated in having such kind of people around you in the name of ashramites or disciples?
vathiyar Sri Vaathyar: (Smiles) you all think that I speak only with that person or to the gathering of people when it comes to common topics or the spiritual topics. You know something! Though it looks like I am addressing only you and the humans in the immediate gathering, the truth is different! (Puzzled expressions everywhere). Let’s keep the issue of whom I am addressing to and who all gets listening…as that in itself would initiate another non-ending discourse. Coming back to the subject matter proper, when it’s not only you asking me question or we (Sri Vaathyar) just don’t give answers to one at a time, how could any discourse, though seemingly repetitive, go waste? This could be taken as Aathma vicharam topic. Now let me ask you all a question, for a change (Smiles). Have you ever seen your face when you are angry in a mirror? What do you see in it? (Silence prevails) It’s a simple and straight answer. You will witness the most hideous object in the universe. Now… Imagine how would you look when you always have a smile in your face? Divine, isn’t it? (Everyone smiles).

adiyar Adiyar: Vaathyar! You say as if it is very easy to control anger. In real life we find it very difficult to control our anger.
vathiyar Sri Vaathyar: Practice makes a man perfect. I know everyone will agree with me. Now I will teach you a technique to control anger. (Everyone becomes more attentive) Everything from good or bad starts from our very home. So let’s start our example also in our home. Say you got a reminder for paying your telephone bill & you had told your son to pay the bill 2 days ago and due to some reason he had forgotten to do the same. As the due date had crossed, you paid the bill with fine. How will you react on this going back home?
adiyar Adiyar: What else can I do? I will definitely shout at my son for not being responsible so that this doesn’t get repeated.
Sri Vaathyar: Now that this shouting session is over what will be your son’s reaction?
Adiyar: He will definitely shout back at me and the result will be that we both will get irritated and spoil our moods.
Sri Vaathyar: OK. Now these things could happen as you are unable to handle your temper properly. Now comes the method of enacting. Let’s start the same topic of the telephone bill. You pay the bill and return home. When you are on your way home think about how you need to start the topic with your son. Equip yourself with the correct choice of words to use. Analyze how your son would respond. This process will definitely throw light on the words that you should use so that you do not end up hurting his feeling. This practice helps you understand the consequences of your anger. This will help your temper go down and help refining yourself. This is one simple method where you need to think on the consequences before you react by enacting. This is also one method of Aathma Vicharam.
Adiyar: We will also try to follow the same. But there are places where we don’t have the time to even think. How do we enact there… we need to react there impromptu… Shouldn’t we?
vathiyar Sri Vaathyar: Hmm… Like situations when you have to be at the receiving end from someone up the hierarchy at office? Such situations will test any person to the core. Say in your office your boss shouts at you for reasons which you are not liable to. How will you react?
Adiyar: Definitely we will think of hitting him or scolding him but we can’t do that as he sits in the boss seat. (Everybody starts laughing) adiyar
Sri Vaathyar: True! Under such circumstances don’t shout or don’t take the pain to heart. Get back to your seat and now again speak about the same to your deity or God. Question him why he has put you in such a condition.
Adiyar: But it is extremely difficult to channelize our anger and resort to God as the only option. We will definitely try our best to follow your method.
Sri Vaathyar: Ok! Now I will quote you one incident. There was once a journalist who tried to have an appointment with me. But God’s will was the other way and we never found time for the journalist. He got irritated. As all of you know journalist pen are never idle. He wrote in his magazine saying that “these agasthiar ashram people cook up stories with Idiyaapam and they are doing nothing”
Adiyar: This is not fair. This is not the right way.
Sri Vaathyar: This was the exact reaction of the other ashramites who were there when the article was published. They wanted to show their aversion at that journalist. Some wanted to lodge a complaint too. But again I told them all to remain calm and to do our normal Annadhanam chores without any distractions. The journalist bought the “Agasthiar Vijayam” (monthly magazine) to check if we have said anything against him. But to his dismay nothing was there of that sort (laughs). He again wrote one more article in his magazine against me. This time also by God’s grace I asked everyone to remain calm and we continued our work. The journalist started reading our issues to check if anything is there against him or his magazine. For checking this itself he started coming to Thiruannamalai for the pournamis. Gradually by God’s grace he started liking our concepts and he even came to the level of getting our own ashram prasadh and later I met him myself. Now all!! Tell me. Is it wise to show your anger then and there or to keep quite and occupy a place in the other’s hear forever? “Idiyaapama vaayila aramichu idaiyathula poi mudichen Sir” [Meaning: Topic started with idiyaapam for the journalist but later he became the devote thereby Vaathyar settling in his heart]
Adiyar: Very True! We will also try to be calm
vathiyar Sri Vaathyar: Ok. Now that you all understood the method of controlling anger (a little pause) show anger! (Everyone puzzled)
adiyarAdiyar: It’s only now you taught us not to become angry and you are here again to tell us to be angry? What is this?
Sri Vaathyar: I tell you again show anger! But don’t be angry! (Smiles). Anger should be there in your lips and not in your heart. But how, is the question (Puzzled looks everywhere) This is acting. Great souls said all these as “Ulagum oru nadaka medai” we are all born here as actors. Adiyar: Can you explain the last one a little better?
Sri Vaathyar: There once lived a snake in a village. It used to bite whoever used to go that way and gradually people became frightened going near it. One fine day, a saint approached the snake and advised that it is wrong kill people like this. He taught the snake to show love to everyone and asked it not to kill anyone without a reason. The snake realized the sins committed and felt ashamed for whatever it has done so far and promised not to bite anyone. The saint promised to meet it after some months and left. After a few months the saint returned back to see the snake. To his surprise, the snake hardly had energy to even come out of its hole to meet him. Its body was bruised and it was moaning in pain. The saint asked what had happened. The snake explained that the moment it stopped biting the villagers they started pelting stones at it.
On hearing this, the saint asked the snake one question: Did I ask you to stop hissing? Or did I ask you not to use your hood? The snake understood the inner meaning and the divine truth within. The snake then started hissing but didn’t bite anyone. Then the snake as well as the villagers led a non-conflicting life. Now coming back to our subject…What do we learn from this? Like the snake it is necessary to show anger…But remember! Don’t nurture anger at your heart.
Adiyar: By God’s grace, we can now understand.
Sri Vaathyar: Yes! Also I see that it is time for our Annadhanam works to be started for evening. Let’s all go and work for the same. OM